Natural Hoof Care Of Colorado
Barefoot Certification and About Me
I have received my certifications for performing
barefoot trimming through the Equine Lameness
Prevention Organization.  The organization was formed by
Gene Ovnicek and is directed by an advisory group of
equine professionals and experts that share the same
passion and goals for the future of the horse industry.  

Don't be overly impressed by the certification.  I've only
retained part of the certification procedures in my daily
work.  I have realized that the mustang model is not
always the best way to approach our domestic horses.  
Each horse is an individual and needs to be addressed as

I have also attended the Pete Ramey natural trimming
clinics.  All of these well known experts in the field of
Natural Hoof Care have one overriding concern, the best
possible care of the horse.
The road to becoming a Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner
Before I was a teenager I was pulling shoes off our American Saddle Bred show horses after the show season   A local farrier
showed me how to pull the shoes and do a basic reduction trim.  Those big heavy shoes and long feet with pads were so smelly
and awful!  I knew those show horses weren't being treated right, even as a kid.    The show horse feet were all putrid and
soft, my barefoot riding horse was completely different, her feet were fairly hard and she was perfectly comfortable out in
the pastures, but I needed to ride a lot of gravel roads to get where I was going and she would tiptoe across the roads.  I know
I'm not alone in that experience and it is probably why so many people don't believe a horse can go barefoot and be
comfortable.  A few years later a crusty old Standard Bred trotting horse trainer, who was so poor he couldn't afford  horse
shoes showed me how he kept his horses barefoot and still raced!  Old Jack couldn't afford stalls, so his horses were kept in
what amounted to a junk yard  not far from the fairgrounds.  He didn't win  much, but he had healthy (and happy) horses, sound
and competing barefoot in the 1960s!   His trimming tips were pretty simple and they worked very well; keep the heels low and
the hoof wall just a tad longer than the sole.  (in those days we actually though horses were meant to walk on the hoof wall!)  
After trimming my saddle horse like this, the gravel roads became a breeze.    Jack had taught me the vary basics of barefoot
success, but there was a lot more to come!  Over the years I've  encountered a few horses being ridden out on rocky mountain
trails, barefoot.  I've been pretty impressed that the horses were such good horses with such good feet that they didn't need

Until about 2003 I had been doing my own trimming of our three or four horses,  but did have them shod during the summer
months as well.  About this time I started to investigate the potential of Natural Hoof Care, and started seeing the potential
of bare foot horses went beyond my previous opinion.  I trimmed horses with a professional farrier on those days that he didn't
have many horses to shoe, and got a taste of it.  I read all the books and took all the clinics available and eventually became
certified as you see above.  But, my education had just begun.  I've learned so much over the last ten year.  And that is really
what this is about.  Learning and not becoming to established in any one method or direction, as the horses will show you there
are as many exceptions as rules.  The one thing that you can be confident is that I will do for you and your horses the very best
I can, and I will not make any promises beyond that.  

So there you  have it, how I got here, and what I can offer.  Give me a call and we can keep or get your horse on the road to a
long, comfortable trouble free barefoot life.

Thank you for your time.  I hope to see you soon.  I'm sure we will be good friends.