Trimming Services and Equine Boots
My service area is around Berthoud Colorado, this is from the south side of Longmont to Fort Collins.    Please call me to
discuss your situation.  I no longer service the Denver metro area.
My number is 970-391-1838.

  • Trims.   $65.00 each for ponies to horses of average size. Warm-bloods and  draft crosses with large
    feet are $85.00.  Draft horses are $120.00.   .
  • Pulling Shoes ($10.00) and initial trim.  For horses that are now in shoes and the owner (and horse!)
    wish to proceed into Natural Hoof Care.    I will  pull the shoes one nail at a time when possible to protect
    the hoof wall, then perform an initial barefoot trim that will permit the horse to be comfortable during
    this important time in transition.  You could say I pull the shoes and leave the socks!  I pull the shoes nail
    by nail when possible as it really reduces the amount of hoof wall that breaks out after a horse has been in
    shoes.  It is really important to make the horse comfortable right away, or a lot of time is lost waiting for
    a horse to recover from a "too short" trim right after pulling shoes.   
  • I have no doubt that twenty years from now, the average rider will be saying, "remember when we use to
    shoe our horses?"  Equine boots do everything a steel shoe does and much more;  boots also protect the
    entire sole, the heel bulbs and the rest of the foot from injury.  And this comes without compromising the
    general health of the foot!  When the horse isn't ridden in an environment that requires protection, he is
    barefoot, as nature intended.  A bare hoof collects much less bacteria forming feces and urine that cause
    a variety of ailments such as thrush etc.  You will find that you will actually spend less time putting equine
    boots on than you spend cleaning out your shod feet now.
  • Most customers purchase a pair of boots for the front feet initially, then later purchase a second pair for
    the backs.   I started riding in boots this same way, but a few years back I went on some pretty long rides
    over ground I'd never seen before so I decided to boot "all the way around".  I was really astonished by
    the increased energy level from my horses.  I think  (and other customers who boot all four feet agree)
    that when a horse is booted only on the front feet he will really load his front feet with weight when on
    rougher ground.  That is counter productive as the real big "motor" is in the rear end.  Since booting all
    four feet I have also noticed a significant improvement in getting my horse to collect when on the trail,
    which really prevents a sore back when riding a long day, again,  because all four feet are able to deal with
    the terrain equally.
  • Boot Fitting service.    I will measure your horse for  you even if I am not your farrier.  Boot measuring is
    $50 per horse.  Most models can be fit with just measurements, but the family of Easyboot Gloves need
    more precise fitting so I can try Glove boots on your horse for an exact fit.  The new generation of boots
    go on with little effort, STAY ON, and you will remove them easily as well.   There are now so many boot
    models that I no longer keep boots in stock.  .  It is important to fit boots soon after a trim, not
    halfway between trims, not just before your next trim!!!!
  1. To provide the best Natural Hoof Care service possible.
  2. To handle your horse gently and with the best interest of the horse in mind.  I have a LOT of patience.  
  3. My goal is to be ON TIME 100 % of the time.  However as a horse owner you will realize on occasion things
    just take a little longer than expected.  I will call you if I am running behind schedule.  This normally only
    takes place if my appointment prior to your appointment is a first visit.  I always allow extra time on first
    visits for just this reason.

  1. Tell me the truth about your horse.  If he has a history of kicking, be honest about it.
  2. Have your horse ready, reasonably clean and sprayed for flies in season.
  3. Don't schedule me during feeding time or feed when I am trimming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. If you have a schedule conflict let me know two days in advance so I can fill in my time.  
  5. Contact me two days in advance of any change, such as an increase or decrease in horses to trim.
  6. Tell your friends if you like what I have done for your horse.   Tell ME, if you don't!
  7. Keep your horse on a regular schedule.  Natural Hoof Care requires consistent care.  

to appreciate being responsible for standing quietly.